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In Indonesia, Positive Fictitious Decisions have a place inlegislation. Law Number 30 of 2014 concerning Government Administration regulatesPositive Fictitious Decisions. This paper tries to explain the implementation of PositiveFictitious Decisions after the enactment of Law Number 30 of 2014 concerning Government Administration in the State Administrative Court.</p> Wurid Copyright (c) 2022 Yustitia https://yustitia.unwir.ac.id/index.php/yustitia/article/view/162 Sat, 15 Oct 2022 00:00:00 +0000 PENERAPAN SANKSI TINDAK PIDANA KHUSUS DALAM PEMILIHAN KEPALA DAERAH KABUPATEN INDRAMAYU https://yustitia.unwir.ac.id/index.php/yustitia/article/view/163 <p>With the title "Normative Juridical Review of the Application of Special Criminal Sanctions in the Election of the Regional Head of Indramayu Regency (Decision of the Indramayu District Court Number 335/Pid.Sus/2020/Pn.Idm)" This study aims to identify and understand the regulation and application of the elements of neutrality. The Village Head and the consideration of the Panel of Judges in giving verdicts on the Crime of Election of the Regent and Deputy Regent of Indaramyu. This study uses the theory of the rule of law, legal certainty, justice, and expediency. The research method used is normative juridical law research, namely by collecting data by literature study by examining library materials or secondary legal materials.</p> Adnan Murya, Carto Copyright (c) 2022 Yustitia https://yustitia.unwir.ac.id/index.php/yustitia/article/view/163 Sat, 15 Oct 2022 00:00:00 +0000 PRAKTIK EUTANASIA DALAM PERSPEKTIF MEDIS DAN HUKUM PIDANA INDONESIA https://yustitia.unwir.ac.id/index.php/yustitia/article/view/161 <p>Some think that euthanasia is an act of suicide or intentionally taking someone's life which is prohibited by any religion and unlawful. The Indonesian Doctors Association (IKI) also opposes euthanasia measures for patients for any reason. Broadly speaking from the way it is done, euthanasia is divided into two groups, namely active euthanasia and passive euthanasia. According to Kartono Muhammad, active euthanasia occurs if there are still signs of life in patients when euthanasia measures are performed. The action referred to in this case is to accelerate the death of a person by giving injections or removing the aids used by the patient. Meanwhile, passive euthanasia is an action that is carried out both at the request of the patient himself and the patient's family to deliberately no longer assist with tools that can prolong the patient's life.</p> Kodrat Alam, Ade Tian Dwi Saputra Copyright (c) 2022 Yustitia https://yustitia.unwir.ac.id/index.php/yustitia/article/view/161 Sat, 15 Oct 2022 00:00:00 +0000 PENGEMBALIAN ASET DAN PENJATUHAN HUKUMAN MATI PADA TINDAK PIDANA KORUPSI https://yustitia.unwir.ac.id/index.php/yustitia/article/view/164 <p>Although it has the potential to restore state losses, in its implementation there are still legal issues regarding the obstacles to the confiscation of assets in corruption cases. Assets are a series of processes or stages starting from collecting information or intelligence, evidence, tracing assets, freezing and confiscation of assets, trial processes, implementing court decisions or decisions, to handing over assets to the state. Returning assets is the responsibility of all law enforcement agencies authorized to investigate or prosecute criminal acts of corruption, in this case, the Indonesian National Police, the Indonesian Attorney General's Office, and the Corruption Eradication Commission. This effort, said<br />Agustinus, is constrained by the difficulty of proving the relationship between assets and criminal acts because confiscation and confiscation as regulated in the Criminal Procedure Code and the Criminal Code are still property-based. "In terms of legal substance, there are several weaknesses, for example, the rules for confiscation based on the Criminal Procedure Code are constructed to prove criminal acts, not to return assets,"</p> Adi Kusyandi Copyright (c) 2022 Yustitia https://yustitia.unwir.ac.id/index.php/yustitia/article/view/164 Sat, 15 Oct 2022 00:00:00 +0000 TANGGUNGJAWAB HUKUM DOKTER TERHADAP PASIEN DI KAMAR BEDAH https://yustitia.unwir.ac.id/index.php/yustitia/article/view/165 <p>The relationship between doctors and patients has been going on for a long time. A doctor<br>is considered to be someone who gives treatment to people who need it. The legal<br>relationship between doctors and patients begins with a paternalistic vertical relationship<br>pattern like father and son which departs from the principle of "Father knows best" where<br>a doctor is considered to be more aware and able to treat the disease suffered by the<br>patient. The position of doctors is higher than the position of patients and doctors have an<br>important role in their development. When viewed from the relationship between the<br>doctor and the patient, the doctor as a professional, with his education and experience is<br>expected to be able to use his knowledge carefully and responsibly so that he does not<br>become negligent, while a patient with a weak position, does not know whether the actions<br>taken by the doctor are correct or not, can trust and leave the measures for his health to<br>the doctor, based on the information obtained from the doctor. Such a pattern of<br>relationships between doctors and patients has gradually shifted towards a more<br>democratic one, namely a horizontal contractual relationship or Joint participation.</p> Jajang Arifin Copyright (c) 2022 Yustitia https://yustitia.unwir.ac.id/index.php/yustitia/article/view/165 Sat, 15 Oct 2022 00:00:00 +0000 PENGUATAN FUNGSI PENGAWASAN OLEH DEWAN PERWAKILAN RAKYAT DAERAH (DPRD) TERHADAP EFEKTIFITAS PERATURAN DAERAH https://yustitia.unwir.ac.id/index.php/yustitia/article/view/166 <p>Local People's Representative Council (DPRD) In Local Government Legislation and Regional Legislative Institutions. One of the most esential issues of democracy’s results in Indonesian constitutional platform is the local legislature, so popularly known as the Local<br />People's Representative Council (DPRD). The key of the success in organizing local government is the capability of the Local People's Representative Council (DPRD) in conducting the three basic functions and plus, namely legislating, budgeting, supervising, and plus representing, simultaneously, proportionally and continously. In the future times, it is urgent to strengthen the structure and institutional capacity of the Local People's Representative Council (DPRD) by means of three agenda, that is (i) to redefine and to<br />consolidate the position of the Local People's Representative Council (DPRD) as a legislature; (ii) to reinforce the authority of the Local People's Representative Council (DPRD); and (iii) to maximize the capacity of the Local People's Representative Council (DPRD) in performing its all functions. To that end, it is urgent to take an effort in revising Law of 32/2004 and Law of 27/2009. "</p> Riva Rachmi Kusumah, Syamsul Bahri Siregar Copyright (c) 2022 Yustitia https://yustitia.unwir.ac.id/index.php/yustitia/article/view/166 Sat, 15 Oct 2022 00:00:00 +0000 MODEL PENGAWASAN DEWAN KEHORMATAN PENYELENGGARAAN PEMILIHAN UMUM (DKPP) DALAM PENYELERANGGARAAN PEMILU BERBASIS PARTISIPATIF MASYARAKAT https://yustitia.unwir.ac.id/index.php/yustitia/article/view/156 <p>This article aims to find the form or model of supervision of the honorary board for the implementation of general elections (DKPP) in the implementation of community-based elections. Given the reality that there are still many community activities that cannot be accommodated, this is caused by the absence of an explicit model or arrangement of the community reporting process. Therefore, this article identify the following problems: 1. What is the model of Supervision of the Honorary Council for the Implementation of<br />General Elections (DKPP) in organizing elections based on community participation, 2. What is the position of the authority and authority of the DKPP in the positive legal perspective in Indonesia? The research method used is juridical-normative, which is a way of validating a problem through an approach to norms, principles, and rules that exist in society. Based on the findings, it explains that the community participates in maintaining, controlling, and even being part of the implementation of general elections or regional head elections, and explains the position of the DKPP which has a vital position and function to maintain justice for election organizers or participants who are suspected of having committed violations of the code of ethics.</p> Saeful Kholik Copyright (c) 2022 Yustitia https://yustitia.unwir.ac.id/index.php/yustitia/article/view/156 Sat, 15 Oct 2022 00:00:00 +0000 KEJAHATAN ELEKTRONIK DENGAN PEMASANGAN SKIMER PADA SISTEM TRANSAKSI MESIN ATM https://yustitia.unwir.ac.id/index.php/yustitia/article/view/147 <p>The pace of improvement in internet technology will not only have a positive impact, but negative things will also appear as side effects including skimming crimes which are included in the form of cybercrime. Skimmer crime with the mode of installing tools on ATMs as a form of cybercrime crime and legal steps in overcoming the Crime of using information systems and electronic transactions. Through primary and secondary data developed and analyzed and reviewing Law Number 11 of 2008 and Law Number 16 of 2019 concerning Electronic Information and Transaction where it is known that the mode of operation of ATM electronic crimes as a form of cybercrime and the application of electronic information and transaction laws as an effort to overcome the crime of using information systems and electronic transactions.</p> Murtiningsih Kartini Copyright (c) 2022 Yustitia https://yustitia.unwir.ac.id/index.php/yustitia/article/view/147 Sat, 15 Oct 2022 00:00:00 +0000